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We Are ____

_____ Is a Journey Company.

We offer the most extraordinary journeys to the yet unseen world.


We are a travel venture company that originated from "Ise-Shima," a symbol of Japanese culture. With the goal of reaching the world from Japan, we provide the most luxurious journeys exclusively to our esteemed customers. We place utmost importance on quality and our team of "Strangers" embody the unseen journeys, combining the delicate nature inherent in Japan. Through our platform, we bring forth experiences that are truly unique.

The People of ____

​Shintaro Masuda


I have worked in the areas of enterprise transformation/IT/strategy consulting and marketing at companies such as Accenture and After that, I contributed to the improvement of the management system as the Chief of the Business Strategy Department at a hotel resort company in Mie Prefecture. Following that, I founded Blank Marketing & Management.

Kenjiro Masuda


After graduating from university, I joined Keikyu Corporation. For 12 years, I was involved in project management, starting from on-site railway construction, and successfully led numerous projects to completion. At the end of 2022, I relocated to Shima to expand my brother's business and joined our company.

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